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Writer's Guidelines

We publish 40 to 50 stories each year in our "This Is Your Page" column. This could be your chance to tell your story. If your story is chosen, we will send you $20.00 and two copies of the newspaper from the month where your story is printed.

We publish true first-person stories that:

  • Are about an event or experience that happened to the writer,
  • Are the original work of a reader of Easy English NEWS,
  • Are 100-400 words in length,
  • And are not the same as stories we have published before.

We do not publish stories that:

  •  Are student opinions or essays,
  •  Are made up,
  • Or are about something that happened in a native country that doesn’t relate to an experience here in the United States.

Submit your story here on our website or email it to us at info@easyenglishnews.com. Please make sure you include your name, your current city and state where you live, your home country, your current mailing address, and an email address.

We will send you an email to let you know if your story has been chosen. Depending on how many stories we get, it can take us a few weeks to a few months to respond.

If your story is chosen, we will cut, rearrange, edit, and correct grammar to make the story understandable to our readers and to fit the space. In some cases, we may change vocabulary to words that won’t need word help. We may also change the title to create more interest.

We look forward to reading your stories!