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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. When you order, tell us the month you want your subscription to begin. We do not publish in July or August.

The minimum order is 3 months. You can also order up to 20 months. We do not publish in July or August.

If you have not received your newspaper or digital issue by the 2nd day of the month, email us or call our office. We’ll be happy to help you.

Print copies and digital accesses cannotbe combined. We consider them to be separate orders and we process them separately. This is because we pay Big Timber Media to create your digital account and to host the issues you order.

No. Each version is a separate product and must be ordered separately.

Yes. If you are receiving Easy English News in one form, and want to switch to the other, just give us a call at 757-430-4308 and we will switch you over for the next available month. Our printing process works a month ahead. Let us know as soon as possible.

Read our writer’s guidelines to know what stories we publish, then submit a story in the contact us section of the website or email it to us.

Please email or call us with your story title as it appears in the newspaper, the month it was printed in, and your full name and mailing address. We’ll send you your check.


You will get your first copy within ten days after we receive your order unless your subscription begins with the following month.

Papers are shipped either USPS or UPS depending on the number of papers ordered.

Shipping is included in the price of the newspaper.

Look at the address label on the envelope you receive your paper in. Your beginning and ending dates are on the top line. We send one notice with your last issue to let you know it’s time to renew. We do not send additional notices. You can renew online, by order form, or by calling our office.


Our digital version is not available on our website. You can only access it on Big Timber Media’s website using the link and login information we email you after you order. You will get that email within 3-4 business days after you order.

You will need to purchase one access for each one of your users whether it is 1 user or 1000 users.

There is no limit to how many accesses you can purchase.

Yes. You purchase a certain number of accesses to be used at any given time. It does not matter who the users are, the accesses are transferable.

The administrator can choose to assign a different username and password to each student, or they can keep the same username and password for everyone.

No. We do not collect or store any student data.

The digital version can be used on all devices, including cell phones, but is best seen on larger screens like tablets, laptops, and desktops. Some readers have noticed issues using it on Apple iPads and iPhones, so computers and Android devices work best.

No. The digital version is view-only.

Yes! You can screen share the digital version of Easy English News just like you would screen share any other website or document.

Right now, we do not have a way to automatically alert you when your digital subscription is ending. Please make a note when you order of your last month. You can renew at any time, even before your subscription has ended, which is preferable so there is no lapse in your subscription. Otherwise, you will know your subscription has lapsed if you log in and do not see your next issue.

Big Timber Media digital accounts only contain the issues of Easy English News. You can access all the supplemental materials here on our website, easyenglishnews.com.

If you have a technical issue, problems logging in to Big Timber Media, or using the digital version, call (952-232-6657) or email Big Timber Media (customerservice@bigtimbermedia.com). If you have issues or questions regarding orders, payments, or help with www.easyenglishnews.com, call or email Easy English NEWS (Pifer-Brigham, LLC).